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Who are the main individuals responsible for organizing TSP?

To learn more about the Executive Team, please visit the Team page.

Is TSP a registered charitable organization?

No, TSP is not a registered charitable organization.  It is a non-profit organization run by a team of volunteers.

Do I need a Yahoo Groups, Facebook or LinkedIn account to receive updates?

No, only an email address is required.  To be added to the TSP email list, please send an email to

How many people attend networking events?

Attendance varies based on the type of event.  Some events are have a specific theme (e.g. focus on a particular industry), whereas others are more general.  On average, we try to ensure that each event appeals to at least 30-50 members.  Larger events have accommodated 90+ members.

When/where are events held?

Most events are held downtown in the financial district.  On occasion, networking events also take place in Markham and Mississauga. To be notified of events, please email us ( and ask to be added to t

What is the cost to attend an event?

Some events are offered to members for no charge.  For other events, members are required to cover the cost of food or the ticket price of pay-per-admission events.  TSP is a non-profit organization run by a team of volunteers.

Is there a heavy emphasis on religion?

No, Sikhism is a commonality between most members; however it is not the main focus of the organization.  The organization aims to promote a general positive image of the Sikh community.

Are non-Sikhs allowed to be a part of the organization and attend events?

Yes, there are non-Sikhs who are members of the organization.  Membership is open to everyone.

Is membership free?

Yes, membership is free.  However, there may be a cost to attend some events.

How many members belong to TSP?

Currently, there are over 2,000 members who belong to TSP.  This includes members who have joined through Yahoo Groups, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What are the benefits of joining?

We organize several events throughout the year.  All events are designed to be informative and/or inspirational.  In the past, we have organized Series Events where prominent Senior Level Executives have spoken on the topics of “Leadership” and “Women In Business”.  There is also a TSP Membership Directory which provides the contact details of the Members, subject to member approval.

Who is eligible to join?

Membership is open to everyone.  Members represent a broad spectrum of industries including:  financial services, law, information technology, accounting, pharmaceuticals, not-for-profit, arts and culture and many more. The experience level of membership varies from entry level to mid management to senior level executives in some of the largest firms in the world.

How do I join Toronto Sikh Professionals (TSP)?

Please send an email to and request to be added to the email list.